Artist Statement

In this new body of work I am exploring the possibilities of bridging the gap between abstraction and representation, through the transformative process of collage.

I begin by selecting an object—such as an old photograph or postcard—that is already fragmented in some way (torn, creased, or with a missing piece), then take it apart like a jigsaw puzzle. I am drawn to defects in this initial object, as they evoke age, decay, and gradual disintegration, yet stand in contrast to the powerful presence of the preserved image.

I make several color and black and white copies of the original image, then add other paper with different transparencies using heavy glue, which I let dry over a period of time in order to create a saturated effect. I then build up the textures of paper to contrast with the original flat graphic image.

When drawing with ink onto the pasted paper, I pick out tones from light to dark, gradually abstracting shapes, discovering intimacy with these small yet powerful images.

For me these collages convey the passage of time, be it through the people (no longer living) depicted in a photograph, or an old postcard that has passed through countless hands over many decades.

Curriculum Vitae